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Watch for Barbara Leimsner's new memoir

Lies My Papa Told Me

A Daughter’s Search for Answers about her Father’s Nazi Views


October 1957. Mid-Atlantic. My father holds my shoulder, my sister Marianne stands center, my mother right. The woman center back and her daughter are unknown passengers.

The Obligation to remember

A daughter’s unflinching story about how her German father, who came of age during the Nazi years, carried deeply ingrained views about racial superiority and anti-Semitism to Canada. She deftly weaves together memories of how her Papa’s toxic worldview ricocheted through her world in 1960s working class Oshawa, Ontario. Her need to understand how average people like him became seduced by Naziism led her decades later to dig into his Sudetenland homeland’s complex history, probe into memories of long-lost German family members, and to travel to his former home village. Read more

Advance praise for Lies My Papa Told Me

“A daughter takes us on a personal journey as she struggles to understand the origins of her father’s shameless racism, and how his warped views affected her own life. I highly recommend this fascinating and thought-provoking memoir.”
Elinor Florence, author of the bestselling wartime novel Bird’s Eye View.

“Brave, candid and meticulously researched, this is a captivating, deeply personal account from start to finish.”
 Andrea Madan, MSW, Carleton University.


About The Author

Barbara Leimsner is a writer and activist based in Ottawa, Ontario. Her professional career includes more 30 years as a senior communications professional, award-winning magazine writer and managing editor, executive speechwriter and public speaker on creativity in communications. She received an Honours degree in Journalism/Political Science and a Masters in Canadian Studies from Carleton University. She has also been a long-time political activist on issues of feminism, anti-racism and social justice and lives in Ottawa with her partner Brian. 

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